Posted by: dreamscapeeagle | December 15, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Bus Nut…….

For those who are new to the bus conversion world the term Bus Nut refers to anyone who is crazy, er I mean nuts, to tackle such a hobby! Hobby you say, well it’s more of an obsession I believe! Owning a bus is not for the faint of heart, but building one is even more scary.

Yesterday as I was remodeling a remodel, you know the kind of work that is re-working what you already have done in the past. It seems that we are never happy with letting things be, we have to make changes. When I started this project back in ’03 I never dreamed that I would still be working on it still 7 years later. I figured that I would have it completed in 3 years, boy was I wrong! Anyway…….As I was running the water lines for the shower, you know the ones that normally have hot on the left and cold on the right. I marked the lines with H and C. You think that it should have been enough of a reminder, but Oh No. Standing facing the valve on the back wall I hooked them up, H on left and C on right. Tested to make sure it all worked, fantastic, no leaks. I then covered it up with plywood as this was the back wall of a cabinet. As I went my merry way on doing various other projects, time and life seemed to have a mind of its own.

Fast forward to 2007, our first year to actually use the coach and take it to our first Bus Rally. It just happened to be the first year for what is now known, Texas Bus Roundup. That’s another story in itself. We had a shower and working plumbing, a place to sleep and it was in our own bus. Can’t get any better than that huh.

I decided to take a shower for the first time, in the bus I mean. Turned on the water and for some reason the water was cold, you’re about to learn a bit of wisdom. I checked everything, breakers, leaks and it dawned on me that as I hooked up the water for the shower I had it backwards. Yip, in my “I can do it right myself” mood I had made a huge mistake. Well I fixed it yesterday!

You’re probably saying “What took you so long?”. Well I’m a bit embarrassed to say, I told myself I would get to it one day, instead of fixing right then and there.

It came time that I needed to take the time and make it right. You see, I’m building, or redoing, a new cabinet on the back of the shower wall, for our folded clothes. Crossed the lines so that Hot was on the Left and Cold on the right, standing in the shower facing the diverter valve! Whew, finally. Well you’ve heard of Murphy right, no leak the first time but now have one this go around. Rat’s! I quickly found out you can not reuse the compression fittings over and over. At some point they just won’t seal correctly! So I hop in the car and drive down to Lowe’s to get some parts. They do not handle stuff like that, only Pex Sharkbite push lock fittings. So I hop in the car and go down to Home Depot, the same stuff there. I ended up buying enough goodies to replace both lines down to where the other/old lines were connected. No leaks! Hot dang, finally got it fixed after all this time.

This little project/repair/redo, should only have taken an hour at tops! Here it was about three hours later and finally am able to get started on the project that lead to this project in the first place!

Moral of the story is, oh heck I think you get the picture……………….I took a very much-needed shower and thought to myself, “You done good”.

A day in the Life of a Bus Nut……………………


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