Posted by: dreamscapeeagle | December 10, 2010


As 2010 comes to a close I thought it appropriate to take a look back at what this year has brought us. My wife and I are anxious to embark on our next adventure in 2011 and have been preparing for it. This year we have been very busy preparing the interior of our Silver Eagle to accommodate this new lifestyle. We have made several modifications and added some new features.

During this past several months we have come to find out that our original interior design needed some changes. At least we had a real good idea on how to make them as we had built it to begin with. We’ve redesigned the bedroom, made changes in our lounge and the result was fantastic. It has made it much easier for me to have a workstation for my computer and a comfortable chair to sit in.

Along with creating our living space I have been very busy with my Web Design classes. At times I have thought “What have I done, going back to school at my age”. But what the heck, it’s never to late, right? I do know that it will give me a good working knowledge of how to create Web Sites for RV Parks. I am anxious to get started!

My first step will be to create a Web Site for Dreamscape Eagle RV Park Web and Graphic Design. This will take place over the next few weeks.

I have enjoyed my new title as Newsletter Editor for the Eagles International Club. Our club was formed to share the common interest in our hobby of Bus Conversions and the Silver Eagle Bus. As some of you might be aware, the Silver Eagle was the chosen coach for Trailways back in the day. Of course it was also the main choice for using it in the Entertainer Industry for the smooth ride. I was asked to become the new editor this past May and was excited to learn a new area of design and publishing. The response I’ve gotten has been very positive, which only gives me the desire to learn more.

Over the next few weeks and months this blog will become geared to the actual experience of our adventure in RV Park Web and Graphic Design. So stay tuned and make your self at home with your favorite beverage!



  1. This is interesting Paul, your practical application of the education and the field in which you have chosen to utilize it. I sure hope it works out for you and Becky, it is always a thrill of sorts to see someone achieve their goal or dream.


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