Posted by: dreamscapeeagle | September 3, 2010

Java and JDK

Java (programming language)

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I am now embarking on learning a new language, Java. It seems to be fairly simple to learn, although time will tell when I complete the course. At least the book we are using has some great examples and directions, unlike the previous book we had for php. That was not an easy course to follow, as we used the Wamp server and the book directions were not made to do that. You really had to read between the lines on that one.

The book we are using for Java is Java Programming by D. S. Malik & Robert P. Burton. They have a Website,, which is their corporate website for learning.

I can see some of the benefit using Java, as the coding methods make it pretty easy to write code. We had to download a new to me Text Editor, which is made for Java. It’s called JDK, for Java Developement Kit. It included everything needed to complie and run the programs.


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