Posted by: dreamscapeeagle | May 18, 2010

Started My Third Semester

Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0

Image by Luigi Rosa via Flickr

I was all ready to take the summer off, until I found out that classes at TSTC are year around, bummer! No rest for the weary as they say!

I also have to take more Algebra, which I’m not fond of taking, it’s a waste of time for me at my age. If I was back in my 20’s it might be different, but it just seems that I’ve never used it in the past, so why now! I could be using that time learning other aspects of Web Design, but oh no I’ve got to spend just enough time to pass the course. I did get a B and so far have a 3.8 GPA overall.

This semester I have one class in Visual Basic 2008, which seems pretty simple. I had to download the program which took about 6 hours, then burn it onto a DVD. It seems to work, just need to learn it at warp speed! My other class for the first half of the block is Software and Business Accounting, not sure why I need this either. I guess it’s all tailored for younger folk who are just starting out in their career choice. It does require me to learn Office Access, which is OK I guess. I’ll probably not use it either after I graduate.

I’m anxious to get back into the nuts and bolts of Web Design using Adobe CS4. I know it’s probably overkill, with all of the easier ways of creating a Web site using drag and drop. At least I have the software and can play around with it as I have time.

It’s all good!


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