Posted by: dreamscapeeagle | April 22, 2010

Using Adobe Design Premium CS4

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I had briefly used Dreamweaver CS3 until I had a license problem. Adobe Support worked very hard to help me find the fix, but we agreed that the file was corrupt. I received my Adobe CS4 Design Premium and went to work. I was very behind in some of my class work, but I was fortunate to have already had a Website up and live. I just had to make a few changes.

Dreamweaver can look like a daunting task at first. It really is not that difficult once you start working with it. A book I purchased for one of my classes explains it very well, Dreamweaver CS4 by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith. It is a great resource book for learning the basics and much more. It’s amazing how much time is saved once you learn how to use the program properly. That will be an ongoing journey for me.

I did experience a few problems with Bridge CS4 as there was not a Web Gallery button on the page. I worked hard to figure it out but I was pressed for time and made it up in Photoshop CS4 instead. After I loaded some tools off the Content disc into Photoshop and Bridge, all was well. At first I didn’t see the Output window on my workspace. After I clicked on Window>Workspace>Reset Standard Workspaces, the page refreshed and there it was.  The sidebar show Output with buttons for creating a gallery in PDF or WEB GALLERY. As I had not worked much with Bridge I can see how valuable a tool it is. It does save a lot of time when creating a Web Gallery. I put together a Web Gallery in PS as I had lots of other work to do. Here is a snip of my first effort. I’m sure the more I play around with the design, improvements will be made. This gallery is located at on the Main Gallery page.

Web Gallery

Web Gallery Created with Photoshop CS4


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