Posted by: dreamscapeeagle | April 20, 2010

My First Official Code Built Website Live!

Welcome to my blog!

The new process I am learning has been very rewarding. As I progress along with my classes at TSTC in Abilene TX, I will be posting my experiences and any changes that I have made.

 The Website address is

A good friend of my wife had mentioned to me that he was wanting to build a Website to showcase his art. I couldn’t think of a better way to learn and create a live Website at the same time. We met and discussed this new venture. He supplied me with photos and text to go with each piece. His attention to detail in creating his metal sculptures is extraordinary.

Jerry Kiser is to be recognized for his efforts this weekend in Albany TX. He is not sure why, but I’m sure it will be evident at the ceremony. He is a very humble person, and has kept his talents hidden until now. He is so excited to be showing his work to the world!

I have built the site using Adobe CS4. It’s a combination of Adobe software that work together in order for the user to create a site with ease and with a professional appearance. Some of the different programs used are Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash and Bridge. There are several more that I have not had a chance to learn yet.

As I work with Adobe CS4 I am becoming more familiar with the layout of each program. At first it consisted of a lot of tutorials, reading manuals and just plain old hard work. I have collected a lot of resources along the way which should help me to really fine tune my work. I have made several mistakes that have helped me to learn, I am sure there will be many more along the way.

The following were done using templates. Easy but it does leave a lot to the imagination.

I have made one blog for my Silver Eagle Bus

One website for a bus rally, Texas Bus Roundup,  my wife and I started 4 years ago 

The most recent is a forum for our Texas Bus Roundup

This bog will be dedicated to my experience in learning Website and Graphic Design.



  1. Nice job, very interesting journey. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you? I love you, BBE

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